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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens in case of bad weather ?2023-06-19T10:28:01+02:00

In case of rain, or for any reason, you can cancel the cruise up to 96 hours before the departure or postpone 48 hours before without cancelation fees.

Can I bring my own food and beverage?2023-01-29T12:33:36+01:00

You can bring your food and beverage without corking fees.

Please note that the boat suits better a finger food buffet than a meal with plates and cutlery.

How long does a cruise last?2023-01-29T12:41:39+01:00

All our cruises are private and tailor-made. Both the length and the route are to your choosing. Please note that there is no toilets on board.

How many people does a boat accommodate?2023-01-29T12:43:09+01:00

Our boat can accommodate up to 12 passengers in addition to the crew. A child accounts for one person just as any other adult.

If you plan to be more than 12 – and no more than 24 – we can offer you to spread accross two boats sailing together. Price per person remains unchanged.

Is there age limits to participate in a cruise with My Paris River?2023-01-29T12:43:58+01:00

There is no age limit to participate in a cruise. The younger – under the adults’ responsibility – and the elderly will be accommodated in the best conditions of security and comfort.

What does happen if one or more participants are late ?2023-01-29T12:44:51+01:00

We ask you to come to the boarding location at least 15 minutes before embarking to avoid this kind of inconvenience. Every delay will be deducted from the cruise length initially planned for and may incur slight changes in the route.

Is it possible to chose a specific location for embarking and and disembarking ?2023-01-29T12:45:41+01:00

Our cruise start and end by default from and to Boulogne Billancourt. There are many other locations in Paris that you can choose by means of additional fees.

You may also choose to start from a location and end the tour at another. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote.

What does a My Paris River cruise include ?2023-01-29T12:46:29+01:00

The price of the cruise includes the full availability of the boat, the fuel and the skipper as well as the catering services possibly included to the cruise.

Your satisfaction is our goal: do not hesitate to contact us for a specific request. We will do our best to please you.

Are there comments or music during the cruise?2023-01-29T12:47:21+01:00

Our skipper may provide you with comments and anecdotes during the cruise or remain so discreet you will forge he is even there! It’s up to you!

You can plug your own music, do not forget to bring your device (CD, MP3, Smartphone, tablet, etc.)

How can I book a cruise on the Seine?2023-05-13T16:59:39+02:00

Contact us to share your wish with us. We will confirm at the earliest convenience the availability of the boat and the price.

Your payment will confirm your booking and we will then send you a confirmation email with all the details, including the exact location of the embarking deck.
What does happen if I am not sure about the number of people who will participate in the cruise?2023-01-29T12:49:09+01:00

Our price are based on flat fees for cruises including 6 passengers or less and a price per person above 6 people. If for example, you plan to be between 6 and 8, you can pay the flat fee and adjust if necessary upon boarding.

How does My Paris River make a private cruise an unforgettable and unique moment?2023-01-29T12:50:02+01:00

You experience a top-of-the-range cruise tailored to your needs.

You enjoy an exceptional sightseeing of all the most beautiful monuments of Paris (360° view) in a reception rooms that travels through the heart of Paris and combines comfort and security.