PONTOON BOAT: everything you need to know

True reception rooms

A My Paris River pontoon boat is real reception room that allies both comfort and security, allowing public of all ages to come on board, infants, pregnant women and seniors included.

Very famous on Northern American lakes, this human-scale boat can accommodate up to 12 passengers in addition to the crew. 7.32 meter long and 2.59 meter wide, it consists of 2 spaces with a table and surrounding couches linked by a bridge that enables those who want, to dance or stand to admire the monuments that go by.

It offers a 360° view for an open-air visit of Paris. With limitless possibilities of arrangement, the boat can be covered to protect you against the rain… or the Sun.

On board, you can listen to your own music from your smartphone, connected by Bluetooth and bring your own food and beverages.

You are more than 12 ? My Paris River offers you a second boat. Or more…